See Better Without Glasses

Sydney Laser and Vision Centre specialises in Laser Cataract removal in Sydney, Australia.

We can successfully implant multi-focal and focusing lenses to achieve:

Good Distance Vision without glasses

Good Near Vision without glasses

Our eye surgeon, Dr David IM Robinson, has performed more than 7000 Cataract and Laser Eye Surgery procedures over the last 17 years. He has extensive educational background and training.

Once cataract is removed, your vision will be much clearer and if there was a reduction in colour vision, your colour will be back. At Sydney Laser & Vision Centre, you also have a high chance to achieve 20/20 vision after the surgery.

If you have Short-Sightedness and need to wear glasses for TV and driving, your eyeball is a little too long or the cornea too steep, so instead of the image being projected onto the retina, it focuses in front of it.  Cataract surgery can treat short-sightedness by putting the “correct” intraocular lens in. After the surgery, you may not need glasses at all for watching TV and driving.

If you have Long-Sightedness and need to wear glasses for reading (and distance), your eyeball is a little too short or the cornea too flat, thus projecting images behind the retina.  Cataract surgery can treat long-sightedness by putting the “correct” intraocular lens in.  After the surgery, you may not need glasses for distance and your reading glasses will have much lighter prescription.  If you would like to avoid wearing glasses at all for reading, you may consider multi-focal or focusing intraocular lenses or monovision (see below).


Astigmatism is a type of short-sightedness that is coming from your eye being like a rugby ball shape.  Astigmatism can be treated at the same time of your cataract surgery by inserting a special astigmatism correcting Intra-Ocular Lens.

The power of intra ocular lens will be calculated for your needs individually and customised for your expectation.


We use the latest Oculentis Multi-focal Intra Ocular Lens which enables each eye to see in the distance as well as close up.

We use Flexible Accommodating Intra Ocular Lens to give you the best vision in distance but also some reading vision at the same time.

If you would like to be glasses-free after the cataract surgery, you may consider Monovision, which offers an opportunity to decrease your dependency on glasses.  One eye is fully corrected for distance vision and the other eye is corrected to be short-sighted, to improve close vision.  The eye corrected for near vision will be blurred in the distance, but it is not generally noticeable with both eyes open.  The brain naturally selects the clearer image subconsciously.

We can organise a FREE contract lens trial for you to experience monovision before the proceedure.